What is Trusted Internet?

Trusted Internet is a Managed Security Services Provider. Our people come from large-enterprise security backgrounds, and we bring those experiences to our customer base at a reasonable price. Our cybersecurity experts deliver a robust portfolio of professional services, including managed detection and response (MDR), SOC-as-a-Service, penetration testing, risk assessment, and incident response.

How does it work? Trusted Internet installs next-generation firewalls, managed antivirus, and an anti-evasion toolkit in your home or office, and then monitors and manage them remotely. If we see a threat, we stop it. If there's a problem, most times, we can fix it remotely.
Our team is trusted to protect some of the largest corporations in the US and entrusted to protect some of the government's most important secrets.
Our smallest customer is three employees. Our largest is 7500.

This is how we protect our own company and our families… and we can protect you too.


Real Time Incident Response

When incidents happen, minutes count. Trusted Internet gets your organization back to business faster — in days or weeks, not months.


Stops Ransomware and other malware dead in its tracks.

Network Protection

24x7 Network Monitoring and Protection using Next Generation Firewalls.

Virtual CISO Services

Senior CISOs direct incident response, and help build a plan to keep you safe.

Connect to us and we'll do the rest –you’re protected.

Trusted Internet® is a managed security service provider modeled after the Trusted Internet Connection employed by the US Government. Users anywhere can connect into trusted ‘enclaves’. We call them Trusted Internet Security Hubs. Once connected, you’re protected. 

  • From the road, connect to us through the web or virtual private network.
  • From your home or business, replace your wireless access point with one of ours, or
  • Connect to the Internet through one of our secure routers.

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Scalable Service

Our customers range in size from individual households to public companies with over 7,500 employees.  By utilizing a standardized reference architecture and best of breed technologies, we can provide personalized and agile services to meet your specific requirements while keeping you secure 24/7

Seasoned Experts

With real-world experiences honed from decades of actively protecting corporate and government secrets from sophisticated foreign threats, our hand-picked team is now applying these hard-earned lessons to fighting today's cyber criminals, hackers, and advanced persistent threats. 

Virtual CISO 

Our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) program assigns one of our experienced team members specifically to your company or home. This isn’t just an account executive, your vCISO may be the former CISO of a major aerospace and defense firm, the   Diplomatic Security Service, or a major Electronics company- and now they work for you!

Incident Response

The Trusted Internet Team is available to respond to urgent cyber security incidents such as: ransomware cases, insider threat detection, forensic investigations, and advanced active attacks. Once the issue is resolved, we will help you secure and rebuild your environment to prevent any future intrusions.

Who needs us?


This isn’t just something we sell, we use Trusted Internet to protect not only our Company, but our families at home too.    

Our Kids

My teen-aged daughter told me that her computer's battery would die within 30 minutes of charging. Her computer was infected with three different viruses --two of which were used to steal information, and one that connected out to other sources. The anti-virus totally missed it.

  Now she connects through Trusted Internet.

Road Warriors

Road Warriors rely on Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to keep them safe. But do they?

VPNs are like drain pipes. Like a drain pipe they divert things from where it needs to be. But, what if there’s no screen at the end? Alligators and snakes and other nasties can crawl right back up the pipe.


Telecommuters and Homes

Just because you work from a home office doesn't mean you should work from your home network.

Would your customers understand if you infected them? How much bitcoin are you willing to spend on a ransomware payout for your home business laptop and digital files?


Businesses and Organizations

Whether you're a doctors office, karate school, bank, oil and gas magnate, or a non-profit, you have information security requirements. HIPAA, credit card handling, privacy information, and government contracting regulations all require information security. 



Our Partners

Trusted Internet® builds an architecture to fit your needs. We rely on Cisco and Fortinet for security systems, McLane Middleton for our best-in-class cyber legal council and Global Guardian for worldwide security response,


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